Jen & Ed – St Albans Registry Office & Bucketsland Farm, Shenley, June 2016

Where to start with this amazing wedding?  The bride and groom possessed an incredible sense of humour and this was one of the most funniest, vibrant well thought out weddings I have ever had the pleasure to photograph!  In fact, I took the most amount of photographs I have ever taken at a wedding!

The bride and groom were fans of Star Wars, cheese, sports and beautiful cars and they wanted their wedding to reflect their interests and their humour.  After the official ceremony at St Albans Registry office was over, the bride surprised the groom with a ride in a Lamborghini to the farm where the reception was to be held.  He was overjoyed at the prospect of driving it himself!  The reception was to have a sports day feel and the food was to be cheese, cheese and more cheese.  The cake was Star Wars inspired!

At the reception, a separate blessing was to take place which involved signing a ‘Family Pact’ whereby the bride, groom and their daughters signed a document which set out a code for their future family life together.  This separate ceremony provided me with many more wonderful photographic opportunities.  This blog just doesn’t do the wedding justice as I couldn’t fit it all in!

After the blessing ceremony had finished various sports day events, such as an egg and spoon race, three legged race and a space hopper race took place – I could just about keep up!

The groom clearly had some good friends and taking his groomsmen photographs proved to be hilarious.  Especially when the groom and his best man dropped their trousers to reveal unique boxer shorts.  They certainly were not shy!

The beautifully designed interior of the tent carried over the pastel theme chosen by the bride, and each guest had their own raclette – to melt their own cheese!  Homemade pickles, chutneys and dressings adorned the tables and the food proved to be a cheese lovers dream!  The Star Wars cake was fantastic, the speeches were hilarious and the dancing went on into the night thanks to a fantastic band.  Great day and great photographs …………………….

S h o p p i n g   C a r t